The Koranda Law Firm understands how highly personal and emotionally charged a divorce can be for those involved; every individual going through a domestic matter is ultimately concerned how divorce will impact their family and financial security.  It is our experience that knowing what to expect can greatly ease the stress and anxiety that accompany these concerns.  We take time to educate our clients on the process so they may focus their attention on what is most important. 

Because we have witnessed the devastation a divorce can bring to families – emotionally, mentally and financially, The Koranda Law Firm believes such matters should be handled with respect and compassion for all those involved.  We also believe a negotiated settlement is always preferable to litigation because settlement allows the parties to maintain control of the outcome of case, rather than letting a judge make decisions for you and your family.  Every case is unique, therefore, we ensure proper time is devoted to each issue allowing us to best develop a thoughtful, efficient and practical approach to settlement negotiations, or if necessary, a strategy to litigate any unresolved issue.

The Koranda Law Firm offers a full array of family law services including: contested and uncontested divorces, legal separations, paternity actions, child custody modifications, child support modifications, spousal support matters, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and adoptions.