A frequently used alternative to litigation is mediation.  If you are facing a divorce or other family law issue, it is important to understand your options.  Mediation can be a positive alternative to the traditional adversarial route  and offers sound resolutions for families.  The Koranda Law Firm offers mediation services to individuals and families struggling to overcome complicated legal hurdles. 

Through a mediator, who acts as a neutral third party, decisions regarding assets, children, support and property can be discussed productively. The mediator will work to ensure that the exchanges between the divorcing parties are kept respectful and assists the parties in achieving a mutually acceptable resolution.  Couples who choose to mediate often find they have more control over the resolution and are less likely to require significant modifications to their agreements in the future.  Mediation is often more cost effective and less stressful than lengthy court litigation.  

However, because mediators do not represent either party, nor are they able to provide legal advice, it is essential that each party be represented by an attorney during the mediation process. The Koranda Law Firm can also effectively represent you in a “mediated” divorce.